Robert stitches up Katie!

*Second episode*

Chrissie’s grateful when Robert offers to take Lachlan to football training, but is blissfully unaware that he has an ulterior motive. When Robert offers to sponsor the team,   a delighted Alicia agrees to discuss things further with him at The Woolpack, but she has no idea that she’s just being used to convince Katie that they are having an affair. And it looks like the plan works when Katie clocks the pair together in the pub…

After Debbie unwittingly fuels her suspicions about Charity and Cain, Chas warns her brother to steer clear of his former lover because it’s Moira who needs him now. Chas’s words give him food for thought, but when Cain surprises Moira, his actions freak out Charity who is desperate for his wife to know the truth.

Meanwhile, Adam has a plan of action to get back with Victoria, Kerry wants to take Cain to court for sacking Dan and April has got it into her head that Pearl is werewolf! What’s that all about?!