Robert Sugden offers to ‘help’ Rebecca at Home Farm

Robert Sugden offers to help out Rebecca, who is worried that Home Farm is being sabotaged

In the Woolie, pregnant Rebecca sits down for a  drink with her ex-lover and baby Daddy, Robert Sugden and his sister Victoria. She’s stressed out as someone seems to have it in for Home Farm and is sabotaging the business. So far, she’s got someone to double check the estate’s security, but Home Farm’s main problem is happening online.

When Robert offers to help out in the office, relieved Rebecca accepts. Has she got baby brain? Doesn’t she remember that Robert Sugden is the most unlikely person to ‘help’ anyone, unless there’s something in it for him…

The mud-slinging between Laurel and Emma continues, and Pollard goes all out to try to impress Faith.

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