Robert Sugden’s druggy plan to get rid of Lawrence is at risk

Robert Sugden takes action to try to stop anyone finding out he's drugging Lawrence

In the cafe, Robert sits down to ‘have a word’ with Lawrence. Rebecca is really worried about her dad’s health – and so she should be as Robert is drugging him at every opportunity he gets! But with the drugs really affecting Lawrence’s behaviour, Rebecca is getting very concerned about Lawrence’s health.

After she confides her worries in Robert, he takes Lawrence to one side for ‘a chat’. When Lawrence nods off in the cafe, Rebecca listens to nurse Emma, who advises her to get her dad seen to.

Bob hires a new member of staff: Emma! Will Bob listen to Laurel’s words of warning about his new employee?

The boxing match is done and dusted, but will Aaron feel any better after taking on his mortal enemy Jason?

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