Robert turns it all onto Andy

When Andy hears Robert has been released, his anger starts to boil. As he talks to Diane and Victoria, his temper heats up and up until he’s raging. It’s music to a listening Robert’s ears. Walking into the room, he tells Diane and Victoria that Andy has made the whole thing up and goes on to say he suspects Andy’s anger problem has returned.

Up at the scrapyard, Robert seeks out Aaron to let him know he kept his name out of the investigation into Katie’s death. He’s stung when Aaron turns on him – and soon fights back.

Back from their break, Lawrence and Bernice have come home to find the village a buzz with terrible tales. After hearing about Robert’s arrest and Lachlan roaming about the village with a gun, later, Lawrence also learns his son-in-law was behind the Home Farm break in. Thing is, Lachlan is listening in. And with that, he hates his stepdad more than ever…