*Second episode*

Horrified to think that Aaron might be planning to run away with his killer, evil ex boyfriend Robert, Chas is in a state. And her ex-hubby, Gordon, who’s become her new bloke, is only too happy to comfort the barmaid. He’s also dead chuffed when Chas accepts his offer to buy Diane’s shares in the pub and become Chas’s silent partner.

Elsewhere, Robert reels as Aaron continues to share his painful memories about his past. He’s horrified as his ex opens up revealing a story of an abusive childhood at the hands of his own father, Gordon. But when Robert urges Aaron to tell Chas, he refuses and, instead, urges his ex not to tell anyone his dark secret. Robert vows to keep quiet, much to troubled Aaron’s relief, and promises his ex he’s there for him.

There’s good news for Nikhil when he comforts Leyla about Jacob’s return, which leads to her agreeing to go on a date with him.

Laurel comes up with an idea on how to tackle Ashley’s dementia, and suggests they move back in to Mulberry while Debbie’s away.