Robert wants to do away with Chas!

Having taken a really serious fall, Aaron comes to but can’t move. But no one can hear his shouting and his phone’s broken. Chas, meanwhile, doesn’t know where her son is as he’s been lying to her about what he’s been up to. Convinced her son’s supposed ex, Robert, will know where Aaron’s got to, she confronts him. But he doesn’t. As they start searching for the lad, Chas needles Robert wanting the truth about his status with Aaron. A row soon kicks off and as Chas blames Robert for Katie’s death and threatens to tell Chrissie about his affair, Robert picks up a rock to silence her…

Having got some cash out of her dad, Carly sneakily checks her flight details. When Bob finds out his daughter’s been taking him for a ride, will Carly still go ahead with her exit from Emmerdale?

Lachlan’s trial for assaulting Alicia is looming large. As David vows to be there to support his wife, Alicia just wants the whole thing done and dusted as soon as possible.