Robert’s in BIG trouble!

Chrissie’s found some adult material on Robert’s laptop, along with some messages arranging to meet up with other women. But when her fiancé comes home he’s completely unprepared for the storm that’s brewing at Home Farm. As a furious Chrissie confronts him, Robert initially has no idea what he’s being accused of but all becomes clear when she reveals her findings and chucks him out of the house!

As Chrissie and Robert argue they have no idea that Vanessa, who’s called in to drop something off, has overheard the whole exchange. So when she gets The Woolpack, the vet tells Katie, Chas and Aaron about what Robert has (allegedly!) been up to online.

Elsewhere in the village, the news that Lachlan wrecked Gemma’s shrine is music to Belle’s ears! Meanwhile, Pollard wants to give troublesome Tracy her marching orders, but Val has other ideas, while Adam strikes a deal with the B&B owner about his scrap yard business…