Robert’s raid is a complete farce

*Second episode*

Robert’s staged raid hasn’t gone to plan because Chrissie’s returned home unexpectedly and has walked in to find a pair of masked intruders in the house and her dad, Lawrence, lying prostrate on the floor! Robert knows his actions could help his future father-in-law see him in a different light, so what will he do?

After hearing about Pete’s drug-dealing past, a raging Andy decides that his kids should live with him full-time. As Debbie faces the prospect of losing her kids because of her relationship with Pete, will she decide to put Sarah and Jack first and give her boyfriend the old heave-ho?

The Dingles are on edge after having a brick thrown through their window and they’re worried that Belle could end up getting hurt by whoever has it in for her. Later, there’s more worry for Lisa when Sam reveals that he saw Belle arguing with Lachlan in the cafe – is he behind the hate campaign?