Robertson keeps probing

Detective Robertson questions Roo about Hugo and Martha at the request of the Federal Police. Roo claims she hasn’t been in contact with either of them… but is that really the truth or is she hiding something?

Leah and VJ return from their trip to Africa visiting Elijah and Leah reveals to Miles the sad news that her relationship with Elijah has finished. Leah is suitably distraught. Robertson has a crush on Leah and although he’s happy to have her back, he’s also keenly aware that she is not looking for romance. He tells Leah he is content to just be her friend, though deep down he feels there’s still hope for romance yet.

Ruby is suffering over her unrequited love for her driving instructor Alexander, and won’t stop going on about him. Nicole is in a sombre mood and she finds Ruby quite difficult to deal with. Ruby realises that she has been self-absorbed and tries to help cheer Nicole up after her tough year. But during her next driving lesson, Alexander kisses Ruby! Have her dreams come true? It seems not – later, Nicole is walking along the beach and sees Alexander kissing his girlfriend.

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