Robertson makes a shock discovery

Robertson has discovered some new evidence in the murder case. He decides to re-interview Shandi Palmer – John Palmer’s estranged daughter. But Robertson is shocked when the person they believed to be Shandi is revealed to be a con artist named Daria Hennessey! Robertson is in a right state as the case that he thought was sewn up begins to unravel.

John, understandably, feels extremely foolish when Charlie reveals the girl he thought was his daughter was in fact a con artist. But when he finds out that the real Shandi Palmer is actually in Summer Bay, John is reluctant to make the same mistake again and decides he doesn’t want to meet her, whoever she is. Gina decides to take charge and invites the real Shandi to meet John.

Charlie, in light of this new information about the identity of Shandi Palmer, goes to see Angelo in the hope that he can help them track down the con artist Daria. Angelo does some digging and gets a tip-off about Daria’s whereabouts. Charlie and he set off to find her. At the caravan park, they find Daria and arrest her. Who is she – and why is she pretending to be Shandi Palmer?

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