Robertson nails Grant’s real killer!

Robertson has arrested Charlie and interviews her over Grant Bledcoe’s murder. Her lack of alibi and the autopsy reports mean she has a lot of explaining to do. Ruby is also questioned and told she may be charged with conspiracy. Ross hears of this, and comes down to the station to confess to the murder. It turns out this was Robertson’s plan all along. He tells Charlie the courts may go easy on him due to his health and the situation.

Leah admits to Irene that she has growing feelings for Robertson. She finds him very different to any other men she’s known and she has enjoyed going out with him. He breaks the news to Leah, that now he’s busted the murder case, he’ll soon be leaving town. Leah is full of mixed emotions. Robertson pays her one last visit to give her a present.

Annie has a growing attachment to Romeo, but he appears to be hot and cold towards her. In a moment of jealousy, Jai tells him he’s no longer interested in Annie and Romeo’s heart soars. But Annie tells him she’s fed up with the way he’s been treating her and from now on she’s going to ignore him. Romeo reckons she thinks he’s hot, and he knows she won’t be able to do that for long, but challenges her to try anyway.

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