Robertson still suspects Alf

Robertson discovers Penn was killed with a bait knife. He questions Alf over what knives have been sold at the bait shop, including a particular brand, but Alf denies stocking it. Robertson gets in touch with a fishing rod supplier who states he did send that type of knife to Alf. Alf says this supplier is unreliable, but it’s clear Robertson thinks it’s Alf who’s unreliable.

April organises a recycling day clear-up, which Bianca suspects is just a ploy to get her and Liam together. After vying for Liam’s attention all day, Nina confronts Liam on his feelings for Bianca. She’s seen the way he looks at her and she’s not prepared to be the ‘other woman’. Nina leaves town.

Xavier suspects Gina is having an affair with a new man. He talks to John, who’s amused that Xavier hasn’t realised he and Gina are back together. But when Xavier mentions Gina is going on a mysterious lunch, John is suspicious. They didn’t have lunch plans. He finds Gina with Roo at the Diner, and they are awkward. John is still suspicious.

Later, Xavier goes overboard on consoling John, hugging him and telling him to move on. John can’t keep it in any longer – Gina is having an affair… with him!

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