Robertson takes a shine to Leah

Robertson, working the Grant Bledcoe murder case, brings Charlie in for another interview. She is thrown when Robertson hands her some photos he took of Angelo chatting to strippers in Chinatown. Angelo wasn’t in uniform in the photos and it seems he’s cheating on her. When Angelo lies to her about where he was the night of the murder, Charlie is convinced he’s cheating on her.

Robertson is displaying a different side of himself to just one person – Leah. What makes it harder for Leah is that she is privy to what Robertson is putting the people around her through. As a result, Leah is somewhat conflicted when Robertson appears on the doorstep with a single red gerbera for her, accompanied by a request to go on a date with him. He gives her 24 hours to decide if she’s going to accept.

Romeo’s busy. He’s working with Liam, and he’s busy trying to be a good mate to Jai and get him and Annie back together as a couple. At the same time he’s trying to control his own growing attraction to Annie. What Romeo doesn’t realise is that Annie feels unsettled around him brought about by her own denial that she likes him.

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