While Robin sweet-talks Sunny over a bite to eat at Harold’s, Zeke’s stuck in a cupboard at the Radio Station, where Robin trapped him. Harry sees Sunny and Robin alone he becomes suspicious and goes in search of Zeke, at the radio station. Sunny and Robin tag along, however one of the station’s janitors tells them to get off the property. Harry sees Robin make a move on Sunny and comes down hard on him, telling him to go home!

However he doesn’t, and he comes back to get Sunny to search for Zeke again at the radio station. But this time, Robin pretends to find the key to the storeroom and rescues Zeke. Later, Zeke tries to explain to Sunny that Robin was the one that locked him in the storeroom, and Sunny accuses Zeke of being jealous! When she turns up at the radio station with Robin, Zeke loses control, again! When will everyone see that Robin is just playing games?

Meanwhile, Elle and Lucas continue their passionate reunion indoors, and when Toadie finds them together they realise their news may become public knowledge. However, Elle’s not quite ready to let everyone know Lucas and her are back together.Lucas decides to push on the matter and tells her he’ll tell Steph as long as she tells Rebecca and Paul. Why is Elle reluctant?

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