Robin invites Harry to a gig at Charlie’s but he’s not impressed, he loves the band, but doesn’t want to go because of Robin. He agrees to go despite his hesitation and asks Sunny and Zeke to go as well. Zeke starts to notice Robin’s interest in Sunny. When Zeke humiliates Robin in front of his family and friends, everyone finds Zeke’s behaviour strange and Zeke starts to feel that Robin is getting the better of him. 

Libby and Ben return from New Zealand, without Dan. Susan and Libby talk about their first ultrasound but Dan calls to say that he needs to stay in New Zealand for a while longer. Susan sees Libby’s distress and postpones her appointment. Libby opens up to Susan and admits New Zealand was a disaster. Susan tries to help Libby understand that Dan feels a responsibility to Sam, however Libby admits that she’ll always come second to Sam. 

Callum thinks Sonya’s not right for Toadie because she doesn’t like wrestling, and when they tell Kate she explains that even if she doesn’t like wrestling she wouldn’t not go out with someone just because they do.  So, Toadie decides to use Kate as their guineapig to see if they can get her interested in wrestling.  However, when Callum finds out that the real wrestlers are actually acting his illusion is shattered, thanks to Kate.

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