Robin winds up Kieron

While John-Paul mistakes priest Kieron’s concern over his relationship with flirty Robin as disapproval, Robin winds Kieron up, reminding him of his embarrassment at catching John-Paul and his snog in the loos the night before.

But Myra isn’t happy to overhear the conversation and berates John-Paul for flaunting his sexuality in front of the priest. Meanwhile, having come to the conclusion that Kieron was right about Robin’s promiscuous nature, John-Paul is shocked when Kieron admits that he too is gay.

Despite their lack of funds, Summer and OB are having a great time in London. However, OB isn’t that enthusiastic when Summer announces she’s treating them to a trip to a West End theatre.

Hannah and Danny’s relationship is put in jeopardy again when feisty Michelle turns up, claiming to be Danny’s fiancĂ©e. Hannah is initially intimidated by her love rival, but ends up being spurred on by Danny’s feeble protests and takes out all her frustration and anger on him. Although Danny insists that Hannah’s the girl for him, she makes it clear he’s got some making up to do.

Also, when Mike visits his sick mum, Sarah and Zoe have a wild party, but Sarah is mortified when Mike returns home early and tries to join in.

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