Rob’s attempt to help fails again

Jack hints to Rob that the boiler situation has escalated and now is the time to come to the rescue. Rob arrives at the house with his tool box only to see Karen waving off the boiler man. He gets back in his car, redundant.

Emma-Jane wakes up hungover in Elaine’s spare room having been very sick. She admits to Elaine she wanted to come and see why her husband is always saying she should be more like her. Elaine reassures her she just needs some time to herself and leaves her to relax in her home.

Emma-Jane tries reading Elaine’s books and puts on a few of her clothes. Later, she comes into the Mill and announces she has no idea how Elaine endures such a boring life; it has helped her realise what she has at home. She thanks her and leaves Elaine deflated but relieved she has gone!

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