Rob’s case of mistaken identity

Rob ends up being mistaken for a burglar after using the computer in Heston’s office at The Mill. Rob asks Karen if she thinks he should complete an online CID job application, she is unsure but offers her support, but when Imogen tells him he can’t use her laptop, Karen suggests using an office at The Mill.

Mrs Tembe arrives to fetch something for Heston but as she approaches the room, Rob accidentally knocks over a drink and in his haste to stop it from trickling into the drawer he scatters documents over the floor. Mrs Tembe arrives and mistakes him for a burglar, so she locks the door and calls Daniel.

Daniel and Zara arrive to reveal it was only Rob – much to Mrs Tembe’s embarrassment! Daniel and Zara use the opportunity to slip away together but Zara gets annoyed as Daniel keep checking his watch.

Daniel defends his position, after the kidnapping, does she want him to turn his back on Lisa? When they get back to The Mill she rejects a kiss and stalks inside where Julia notices her mood, but says nothing.

Simon is at home resting when Jimmi and Cherry arrive. Cherry checks his dressing and they have a take away before leaving him to revise. Heston later arrives with a gift of a fine pen and wishes Simon good luck for his exams. There is a tender moment of reconciliation.

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