Rob surprises Karen with a night in a spa retreat for the two of them to enjoy as man and wife. Although he’s packed all the right clothes and chosen the right hotel, Karen’s nose is put out of joint when they encounter the snooty Rhoda at reception, who regards them with disdain. 

The pair enjoy their new surroundings but are thrown back into conflict with Rhoda at dinner because of their flirting and drinking too much wine. Karen deliberately provokes Rhoda and she and Rob are asked to leave the restaurant when harsh words are exchanged. 

Later, when Rob gets up to go to the toilet, he accidentally locks himself out in the hallway – in the buff! Rhoda passes by and his humiliation is complete when hotel security rescue him and hold him until a colleague of Rob’s shows up. Rob knows everyone at the station will hear of this before long.

Keen to stand on her own two feet, Jas goes to the pub by herself and is soon entertaining herself by making up the conversations businessmen are having at the bar. Then she spies Al, who’s also by himself in the local. 

Jas invites Al to join her, then notices a dart board and not only challenges Al to a game but repeatedly thrashes him. By the end of the night, they’ve each found a new friend and just maybe, in Al’s case, something more…

Also, a teen with a criminal record arrested at a scene of a hit and run seems to present an open-and-shut case, but nobody can find the car he was driving and Jimmi suspects all may not be as clear cut as it seems.