Rob’s steak-out drives Howard crazy

Rob’s drawn into investigating a strange case of spoiled meat when Karen buys him some steaks from the market. When Howard finds the steaks dripping blood inside the fridge at The Mill, he flips out and calls an emergency meeting about the disastrous state of what is meant to be a centre for health and cleanliness. He will spearhead a cleaning initiative and wants everyone to clean their own workspaces. 

Though Howard keeps putting out Karen’s steaks to take home, she keeps putting them back in the fridge throughout the day, until Howard loses his cool and throws them out – but when Rob calls asking her to preserve them as evidence, Karen has to go dumpster-diving and puts the manky meat back in the fridge.

Later, a copper swings by to pick up the steaks and manages to drip blood on the carpet. Howard finds himself staying late, furiously trying to scrub blood off the carpet.

Also, Emma notices that Chris is distant and wonders if he’s still struggling to come to terms with Sam’s death.