Rob’s told to stay away from Karen!

Rob’s at his lowest ebb. He knows the hospital will want to release Karen soon and she definitely won’t want to return home. Rob tells Heston how Karen wants a flat of her own – but he doesn’t think Karen should live alone for a while and says he’ll talk to Karen’s consultant. Later that day, Heston tells Rob that Karen will be released tomorrow but that, unfortunately, Karen doesn’t want to return home.

Heston and Mrs Tembe reckon it would be best if Karen stayed with her for a while. Rob’s clearly disappointed but agrees it’s the best plan. Heston then adds one more thing; the doctors think it’s best if Rob stays away from Karen for a while, to give her room to let her memory return naturally. Rob is heartbroken – does he really have any choice?

Meanwhile, Emma asks Howard out for lunch. It’s clear she’s worried about his bulimia but Howard snaps that he’s coping fine and doesn’t need her fussing over him. Howard later apologises to Emma revealing that, of all people, he didn’t want her knowing. Emma says she doesn’t think any different of him but Howard’s not convinced…

Also, when Zara encounters an agoraphobic girl with an unhealthy obsession with the Lady of Shallot, she suspects there is more behind her behaviour than teenage dramatics.