Robyn pushes Indi to breaking point

Dex and April worry how Indi’s dealing with the news of Romeo’s death, while Chris is unhappy with the distance Indi has put between them. Dex joins Indi at her gym class, and Indi realises he’s there to babysit her. When Robyn arrives, Indi warns it will be an intense class. Later, Robyn asks Indi if she’s planning to end things with Chris, and still raw from news of Romeo’s death, Indi slaps her. April and Dex see this and realise Indi isn’t coping.

Robyn goes to Chris asking him to make Indi apologise. When he refuses she calls him gutless. Chris visits Indi, who tearfully reveals that it’s like she’s been cheating on Romeo with Chris. He’s been alive this whole time. Her grief spills over and she falls into Chris’s embrace.

Ricky visits Brax at the courthouse and is hurt he didn’t tell her he was turning himself in. With the proceedings underway, it’s clear there’s a strong case against Brax as Debbie Barrett arrives and she and Cheryl butt heads. Alone with Tamara, Casey reveals he understands why Brax confessed but worries about how he will handle prison.

Meanwhile, Andy has his own kind of punishment lined up for Brax, as he puts a gun in his glove box.