Rocco shops Johnny to the cops

At the Surf Club, Ash arrives holding up a picture of Tom and Rocco lies that he’s never seen him before. But Ash senses Rocco may be hiding something and hands over his card asking him to call with any information.

Later, Rocco meets Johnny and the gang, and is depressed when Johnny tells them their upcoming robbery will be the first of many jobs. That evening, a nervous Rocco spills the beans to Ash about Johnny‚Äôs robbery plans. Ash promises to protect him and assures a worried Rocco that he’s done the right thing.

Still at the party, Belle is concerned Drew is in serious danger, and heads to Peter and Amanda’s to alert them. They speed out to look for Drew and find him slumped at the wheel of a car, passed out drunk.

Peter removes Drew from the car and takes him home before reporting seeing a stolen car to police, despite knowing his actions are against the law. The next morning, a hungover Drew shocks Peter with his lack of remorse, and insists he doesn’t want his dad’s help before storming out.

Amanda visits Drew to beg him to give his father another chance. Later that night, Drew visits Peter and thanks him for looking after him the previous night, leaving Peter feeling hopeful for a possible reconciliation.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday March 23*