Rodney has found a way to keep busy: he’s blackmailing Carl! It’s not the kind of work you’d find at the Jobcentre, but that doesn’t matter to Rodney. He wants to tell the police the truth, but Carl doesn’t want him to do that. Well, of course he doesn’t; he’ll lose his licence and go to prison! But Rodney’s not prepared to take the blame for him – not even after Carl offers Rodney his job back. Rodney wants more; he wants cash – and if Carl doesn’t pay him then he’ll pay a visit to the police.

Hazel wants to move on. She tells Bob she thinks the time is right for her to leave Emmerdale and he realises she’s planning on taking Aaron with her. Really? Does Aaron know this? He seems to be more concerned with facing Zak. He doesn’t want to see him, but it’s Zak’s 60th birthday and there’s a big Dingle do at Wishing Well Cottage.

Sandy doesn’t want to move on, but he has to. He’s made himself at home at the B&B, but it’s not his home. He’s never been welcome and he pierces Val and Pollard’s tolerance threshold when he sets off the alarm. He’s sent back to the vicarage – and Ashley and Laurel.