Rodney gets hold of the necklace

Rodney is suspicious when he finds out that Debbie and Lexi have been hanging around the church and he searches the church for signs of the necklace. Emily mentions that the girls had been trying to get their hands on the communion wine and he confiscates the bottle but he’s shocked when he realises the necklace is a fake. Meanwhile, the girls think the necklace is gone for good when Emily tells them that the wine bottles have been sent for recycling.

Laurel is being driven round the bend by her interfering mum, who even tries to organise one of Ashley’s funerals. Hilary sees Ashley and Emily sharing a hymn sheet at the service and her suspicions are fuelled once again. Laurel is furious with Hilary when her mum tells her that she shouldn’t trust Emily around Ashley. Ashley feels guilty when Laurel tells him of her mum’s ‘ridiculous’ notions.

Belle is horrified when two of her school friends turn up at Wishing Well after trying to find her at Mill Cottage. But she soon realises that her embarrassment is all for nothing as the girls are impressed with the Dingle pigs!

Also, Donna warns Marlon that they can’t return to normal straight away.