Rodney rumbles Donald’s strategy

Nicola and David discuss care homes for Donald in the Woolpack and Rodney overhears. Rodney tells Paul that Donald seems to have Nicola jumping through hoops and he intends to pay him a visit. Rodney turns up at the hospital and Donald keeps up the pretence that he doesn’t remember Nicola. But Rodney accuses Donald of tormenting Nicola and Donald comes clean and admits that he’s testing Nicola to discover her motives.

Eli smugly tells an uncomfortable Lily that she should ‘do something’ about her aches and pains. When Lily’s arthritis later causes her to have trouble practising for the dance contest with Edna, she reluctantly asks Eli for some more cannabis. Eli tells a worried Lily that he wants her to grow some cannabis plants as payment for supplying while she waits for her own plants to mature.

Carrie makes plans for the future and she reveals to a stunned Scarlett that she’s had a job offer in Toronto and she thinks that they should both make the move. Scarlett has been getting very close to Daz of late and she’s not impressed by the announcement and she does a runner with Daz.

Also, Diane threatens to bar anyone from the Woolpack who mentions the Sugdens in her presence.