Rodney’s van crashes into the farm shop

Rodney is excited ahead of the arrival of his company car, but he’s mortified when he discovers the car is in fact a delivery van! Rodney is glad of Diane’s support when Pollard and Val clap eyes on his new set of wheels and fall about with laughter.

Meanwhile, Mark receives a phone call from Natasha but his attention is distracted by his worries about Faye. Cain asks Faye how she’s settling in and tries to glean an idea of her current feelings for Mark, but she tells him to back off. Mark is none the wiser when Ryan offers to help Doug with some DIY at the Farm Shop.

Aaron notices Rodney’s van rolling towards the Home Farm shop, after Rodney forgets to put the hand brake on. Aaron jumps in to try to grab the brake. John shouts at Aaron to jump out of the van as it’s out of control and it ends up crashing into the Home Farm shop with Leyla, Ryan and Doug still inside…

Also, Zak sells John’s sheep back to him but John realises, he’s been scammed when he notices their ID tags have been tampered with and he steals a Dingle piglet as compensation.

*Second episode 8pm*

Doug and Leyla cower in the destroyed shop and Ryan isn’t moving. Mark dives through the back of the van to get to Ryan and orders Cain and John to get a tractor to move the debris. Mark tenderly wipes the blood from his son’s face and assures him everything will be OK. Cain and John move the van so that Doug, Leyla and Ryan can be rescued and taken to hospital. Nathan is surprised by Mark’s heroism but Mark brushes it off. Faye quietly suggests to Mark that real heroism would be to tell their son the truth.

Aaron does a runner from the accident when he’s blamed for the crash and even Chas accuses him. John explains to Chas that Aaron wasn’t responsible for the crash, but Chas isn’t sure what to believe. John repeats his belief to the police and Mark and Nathan are furious that he’s defending a Dingle. Nathan warns the Dingles that Aaron will get his comeuppance.

Rodney is horrified to discover Nicola was in the vicinity of the accident and worries he’s hurt the baby. Nicola insists she’s fine and drags Rodney to the pub so he can calm down. Rodney is interviewed by the police and he tells them he’s certain he left the handbrake on.

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