Leah is terrified after the car accident – Roman isn’t moving. Roman is rushed to hospital and immediately has to go for surgery. Charlie investigates who smashed Leah’s window. Roman is put into a medically-induced coma and there’s a strong possibility that he could have brain damage.

Xavier finds Brendan and discovers Leah’s car in a ditch. Spotting the slingshot, Xavier knows Brendan has caused this accident. Xavier swears Brendan to secrecy. But Brendan dropped his stick at the scene, which makes Xavier panic. Trey finds Brendan’s slingshot stick and when Ruby sees him with it she assumes that he caused the accident. Ruby tells Charlie her theory.

Charlie meets up with Joey after her few days away. Joey asks her – does Charlie love her or not? Charlie says she has strong feelings for Joey but isn’t going to act on them. Joey says she can’t be around Charlie.

Brett apologises to Joey for not supporting her. He wants to mend things with her – he believes that this is the time for brother and sister to move to another town and start a new life. With Brett’s offer still hanging in the air, Joey decides to move out of Charlie’s place, leaving Charlie devastated.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 22*

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