Roman is shot!

Gardy and Roman hold a gun on each other, but Gardy doesn’t believe Roman will fire, and taunts him. When Gardy says he’ll shoot the hostages, Roman pulls the trigger. But his gun doesn’t fire – Gardy’s tampered with it. Gardy shoots Roman in the arm and casually starts collecting laptops and iPods.

Roman disappears and manages to outsmart Gardy, knocking him out, but a miscalculation sees both men lying unconscious. When they come to, Xavier arrives. Gardy threatens Xavier, to force Roman to surrender, but Hugo comes to his brother’s rescue. A fight erupts and Roman shoots Gardy. By the time Charlie arrives, Gardy has escaped.

Annie is upset about Irene drinking, but Belle convinces her that all of them can pull together and help Irene. Belle asks Irene to hand over her booze. But they are interrupted by Leah. Belle leaves for work before she can confiscate the grog. Left alone with just Annie, Irene behaves weirdly and Annie rightly suspects Irene is drinking again.

Irene vehemently denies this, until Annie finds the booze, and believing she’s helping Irene, starts to tip it out. Irene wrestles Annie for the bottle, and slaps Annie in the face. Annie’s horrified. Is their relationship ruined?

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday July 2*

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