Roman leaves Summer Bay

Roman talks to Charlie. She feels he should rest, as does Nicole, but he doesn’t want to put this off. Roman tells Charlie and Angelo what he and Gardy have done. Charlie, knowing Roman was only involved because Nicole had been threatened, feels that although Roman will face serious charges, a good lawyer should get them reduced.

Roman doesn’t want a lawyer, he just wants a clear conscience. He describes Mark’s death in Afghanistan. Roman makes his peace with Aden, thanks Miles and asks him to look after Nicole. Knowing he’s going to jail, Roman then tells Nicole everything.

Rachel is worried about Tony and finds his friendship with Angelo disturbing. Is it healthy for Tony to be so accepting of his son’s killer? Secondly, Tony appears to be uninterested in their baby. He missed an appointment with the obstetrician and forgot a scan.

Irene is full of remorse for slapping Annie. Geoff and Belle tell her she must stop drinking, and they’ll do their utmost to help her. Irene struggles with her demons. It’s only when she finally goes to an AA-style meeting with Belle, that it seems like she might be on the road back to sobriety.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday July 3*

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