Roman opens up to Martha

With Roman avoiding her, Martha fears he’s trying to get out of telling her about his daughter. Meanwhile, Roman and Irene meet Leah outside a large building on the water. Leah informs them she’s going to use half the cash she’s been given to lease the building to open a haven for the local kids in Dan’s memory – and Irene and Roman can have the other half for a new Diner. Later, buoyed by the news, Roman tells Martha the truth about his daughter.

Despite Aden’s efforts to humiliate Miles, he wins over the students and alienates Aden by suggesting they organise a farewell concert for the departing Sally. Bartlett is impressed with Miles for doing a good job with the students, but is unhappy Miles didn’t gain his permission to do the project before launching into it.

Unhappy with Geoff’s crush on Britney, Annie vows to find him a more suitable girl. She’s eager for a reluctant Geoff to get together with Melody, a religious and quiet bookworm from her year. Annie persuades him to ask Britney to church to prove her point that they aren’t a suitable match. After Britney rejects Geoff’s invitation, he’s forced to tell Annie he doesn’t find Melody attractive, but unfortunately she overhears.

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