Roman rescues Nicole and Trey

When Gardy ties up Jenena and Trey, Nicole calls Roman, who comes to the rescue, calling Charlie in. Gardy hears noises and just as he’s about to find Nicole, Roman arrives and wrestles Gardy to the ground. He sees it’s Gardy and lets him go, telling Charlie he didn’t recognise the intruder. Roman insists Nicole stays with Charlie and Nicole is heartbroken.

Charlie suspects that the attack is linked to the bottle shop robbery and suspects Gardy is involved. Roman agrees to help with the robbery if it will get Gardy off his back forever. Roman’s rejection of Nicole leads her further into Trey’s arms. Later, Charlie asks Roman about Gardy but he vouches for him.

Belle lets Claudia stay with them but Claudia and Geoff ask Belle not to tell Irene about the baby. Claudia tells Annie she’s thinking about an abortion and Annie tells Geoff, who confronts Claudia. Although an abortion is against his beliefs she insists it’s her choice. Struggling to cope, Geoff shocks Claudia by taking off into the bush for a few days.

Angelo is having trouble finding evidence to clear Irene. Belle visits Irene, who confesses to drinking. Later, Belle tells Angelo, who goes over Lou’s boat again, looking for clues.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday June 24*

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