Roman struggles with his condition

Roman is devastated to hear that his blindness has a psychological root and Nicole’s worried that her father can’t cope. Leah doesn’t think she can handle having to care for someone she has only been dating for a few weeks.

Roman later ends things with Leah, saying that things weren’t working with VJ and he needs to be on his own to deal with his blindness. Leah leaves, shocked, and it’s clear Roman only pushed her away for her sake.

Joey reports a fight and Charlie is called to investigate but Joey shuns her. Aden tells Joey that Charlie has been asking after her and Joey’s thrilled. Later, Charlie sees Joey and the two are on the verge of declaring their love when Charlie is called away. At Leah’s that night, the two finally admit that they are in love with each other.

Xavier tries and fails to confess to Charlie about covering up for Brendan. Xavier seeks out Charlie again, but misses her. He learns Roman is blind and goes to the hospital. Once there, Xavier relays the whole story and Roman is surprisingly forgiving. Hugo is shocked to hear that Xavier has confessed and Ruby is furious about being kept in the dark. From now on, Xavier needs to be completely honest with her.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 7*

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