As Roman worries about Nicole’s whereabouts, he suddenly realises she could be with Elliot, the brother of his army friend. He knocks on Elliot’s door, and is relieved to find a defiant Nicole. But he gets frustrated when Nicole reveals that Elliot has decided to move to Summer Bay. He and Nicole have become pretty close and they want to see where things could lead.

On the morning of Martha’s surgery, she drops the bombshell that she plans to have a mastectomy rather than the lumpectomy, which will give her a better chance of isolating the cancer without needing other risky treatments later on. Jack is stunned at Martha’s decision, but she insists she wants to do whatever is best to treat the cancer and help the baby, even if that means losing a breast. Jack is left with no option but to support her.

Ric is hurt that Matilda didn’t call him back from university. Elsewhere, Matilda is frustrated when Nathan finally gives her Ric’s phone message a few days late. When Ric finally gets through to her, he is pleased when Matilda says she is not seeing anyone else and really misses him.

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