After scuba gear goes missing in a Bait Shop break-in, Alf tells Charlie he suspects Elliot could be responsible. Charlie’s worries increase when she discovers that no one has heard from Roman, and Geoff and Nicole were last seen getting on a boat with a man who could be Elliot.

Meanwhile, on a deserted island, Geoff finds an unconscious Nicole washed up on the shore. He resuscitates her but Nicole is petrified about what Elliot might do to Roman.

Elsewhere, Roman comes round from his drugged state to find himself dangling by a rope over a dangerous precipice.
Elliot tells Roman that if he can get out, he’ll see signs leading him to his daughter. Roman climbs up the cliff and ends up in dense bush. Despite falling rocks and being shot by an arrow, Roman eventually hears Nicole’s voice calling him to help.

But Roman soon discovers it is coming from a stereo set up to play a recording of Nicole. Furious, he starts to walk away but hits a tripwire as Elliot tells him: ‘One move and you’re dead’.

And Jack, Alf and Colleen are relieved when doctors finally revive Martha after she collapsed on her wedding day. But an ultrasound fails to detect her baby’s heartbeat – it seems Martha’s baby hasn’t survived.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday October 14*

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