Roman’s life is in danger

Roman finds himself part of Gardy’s team about to rob a warehouse on the wharf. Roman manages to take his mobile, and, as the robbers make their final plans, he sends Miles a text asking him to anonymously call the police. The police arrive and the raid is called off.

Gardy is suspicious that Roman tipped off the cops, and he eventually discovers the text. Gardy hits Roman and knocks him unconscious. Roman finally stirs, only to find himself back at the warehouse, where he and Gardy will complete the robbery in broad daylight.

Miles never warmed to Gardy, but understood the hold Gardy has over Roman. Gardy, suspecting Miles knows too much, wasted little time in threatening Miles that if he intervenes, he’ll hurt Kirsty, Jai and Ollie. When Gardy gives Jai Roman’s smashed mobile, Miles realises that Gardy is on to them and Miles goes to see Charlie.

Nicole has been staying with Ruby since Gardy’s arrival, and wants to go home. When VJ destroys one of her assignments, it’s the last straw. Trey offers to accompany Nicole to see Roman, but when they arrive he’s not home. Nicole capitalises on their privacy by making love to Trey.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday June 30*

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