Romeo accuses Indi of gold-digging

Indi has nothing to wear to Logan’s business dinner until she receives an evening dress as a present from Logan and when Romeo sees it he insinuates she’s a gold-digger only interested in money, something he could never provide. To get back at him, Indi rubs her relationship with Logan in his face and Romeo returns home desolate. When Ruby later tells him she’s in love with him, Romeo relents and things start to heat up between them.

Xavier starts to think that he’s found the ultimate low-maintenance girlfriend but soon realises why Sasha seems to be going along with everything he wants to do. She obviously has issues and Xavier reassures her that he’s no Stu and that what she wants is important to him.

Ruby drives Casey to visit Henri but, when he arrives, Henri wants nothing to do with him and closes the door in his face.