Romeo and Indi declare the gym open!

The opening of the gym is going ahead, even though it may be lit by Dex’s Christmas lights. At the last minute, Alf comes to the rescue with the caravan park’s portable generator and Romeo gives an emotional speech, thanking Sid especially for his support. Indi cuts the ribbon and the gym is open to the public. Things are looking up for Romeo and Indi.

Casey gets medical treatment and it looks like he’ll be OK. Jamie, however, isn’t happy with him; the next time Courtney does something he’ll be on his own. Casey doesn’t want to be transferred to hospital he wants to stay to protect Jamie, but he has little choice. And Brax, who’s furious Casey has stuck his neck out for Jamie, warns Jamie to leave Casey out of his problems.

Kyle tries to help Tamara cope with Casey’s stabbing but just gets his head bitten off. Then Liam admits he’s still taking money from the till and tries to justify it. Kyle confronts him aggressively, just as his defence lawyer appears for his meeting. Later, Tamara hits home when she tells him he’ll never be a part of the Braxton family and Kyle decides to leave town.

And Tilda continues to set Jett up leading Gina to create a 10-metre rule to keep them apart. Later, Tilda blackens her eye with make-up and tells Gina Jett hit her but her fake tears cause the make-up to run and her lies are exposed, prompting Gina to extend her suspension.