Romeo and Indi look to others for comfort

Romeo returns to Summer Bay and moves in with Roo, Marilyn and Ruby, to Indi’s annoyance. He returns home drunk to find Ruby waiting up for him and they share a passionate kiss before Romeo falls asleep. Meanwhile, Logan asks Indi out on a date and, to Sid’s surprise, she agrees. When they return to the Walker home, they also end up in a passionate embrace, which ultimately leads to more…

VJ tells Brax that he saw Henri and Casey kiss and big brother becomes concerned about the impact it’ll have on Casey. Henri is offered the position at the school but is worried that so many people seem to know about their relationship, so Casey comes up with a story that will free her from controversy and each tells their side to Gina. But Gina is suspicious and eventually gets a confession from VJ, leading her to fire Henri and send Casey to counselling.

And Brax approaches Henri and tells her to leave town – for Casey’s sake.