Romeo and Jill lock horns

Romeo is still angry with Jill, and asks if she ever considered using her insurance payout to get Mink out of juvenile detention, or help Romeo? He wishes his mum would stop flirting and start behaving responsibly.

Jill flirts with John, despite him being with Gina. Gina catches them chatting and storms off. Romeo tells Xavier that Jill was cracking onto John. Xavier is thrilled – this could mean the end of Gina and John. Jill eventually reveals why she is in the Bay and hands over fifty thousand dollars to Romeo.

Will this help him forgive her? Romeo is astounded – it doesn’t make up for anything. Gina goes to apologise to John for overreacting but just as she arrives, she sees Jill kissing John.

Meanwhile, Xavier and Gina are stressed about keeping Hugo’s return secret. Ruby knows about it too, but Xavier asks her to deny all knowledge of it to Charlie. Ruby agrees.

Liam interrupts a romantic moment between Xavier and Ruby to ask Ruby if she wants to work on a duet. Ruby is thrilled and Xavier is put out. Ruby loves Liam’s song and suggests they cut a demo. Xavier looks on jealously as Liam and Ruby’s relationship grows.

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