Indi is fed up with being caught in the middle of her dad and Romeo, who are still not seeing eye to eye. She decides to stay at Romeo’s for the night. In an attempt to make peace, Roo sticks up for Romeo and tells Sid she has chosen him to represent Summer Bay Tourism with her at the convention in Hawaii. Indi
and Sid have another row about Romeo, but this time Indi threatens to move out.

Sick of arguing with Indi, Sid meets up with Roo to drown his sorrows. When he arrives home to face the music he finds out from Marilyn that Indi had packed her bags and has moved out for good. And Romeo reveals he exchanged his business class ticket to Hawaii for two economy tickets, so Indi can go with him!

Irene notices Bianca is being uncharacteristically cold to Heath. Bianca explains she’s not into him any more and is trying to give him the brush-off, but it’s not working. Irene reckons that when it comes to blokes like Heath, Bianca needs to be more direct. Bianca finally confronts Heath and tells him how she feels. It looks like she has dented his ego and broken his heart.

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