Romeo drowns his sorrows

Indi learns that Romeo is drowning his sorrows at Angelo’s and, believing Ruby’s lost the baby, heads over to comfort him. However, she and Brax are shocked to hear that Ruby has lied about the pregnancy. She takes her drunken ex-husband home to sleep on the couch as Sid watches on concerned for them both.

The following day, Romeo surfs for the first time since his injury but he and Indi are accosted on the beach by Ruby who’s quickly dragged away by Brax. Later, Romeo confesses to Indi that he’s still in love with her but Indi can’t handle the situation and asks him to leave.

Meanwhile, fired from his job at Angelo’s, Liam asks Roo for work at the caravan park but Brax catches up with him and offers him his job back. Worrying whether he’s strong enough to go back, Liam wants to think about it but, after confessing his drink and drugs relapse to Brax, eventually accepts.