Romeo gets a check-up

Sid is concerned that Romeo may be working too hard and, as his shoulder is giving him trouble, he suggests Romeo comes into the hospital to get it checked out. An x-ray shows no damage but Sid asks him to have a full examination – he wants to make sure his investment in the gym is safe. Later, Sid has a quiet word with him; a radiographer has noticed something and wants him to come back in tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Indi is concerned about Casey’s ability to work at the gym, now that he’s laid up for several weeks. Romeo, however, insists they stand by their employees and cover his shifts until he recovers.

Brax blames Zac for Casey’s predicament and tells him to stay out of things from now on. He’ll handle everything. Natalie insists Zac is Casey’s best chance of getting through his prison sentence but her words fall on deaf ears. Later, Zac tells Casey that if he gives a statement about who stabbed him he’ll be let out of prison. Knowing that Jamie will be unprotected, Casey refuses, which is too much for Tamara. She gives him an ultimatum – give the statement or they’re over.

And Roo is concerned over Maddy’s behaviour; she seems to be pushing boundaries and ignoring her schoolwork. She even decides to give up on her violin. The others tell Roo it’s just a transitional phase and it’ll blow over.