Romeo goes in search of Liam

Natalie tells Romeo she’s worried Liam’s not been around for a few days. He’s been down since the divorce and she thinks he shouldn’t be alone. Romeo’s stunned to learn that Liam has been fired from Angelo’s for stealing from the till and searches for him. He eventually finds him on a cliff top, feeling very sorry for himself and feeling he has nothing to live for. Romeo puts things in perspective for him, revealing his condition and that he still hasn’t told Indi, jolting Liam back to reality. Liam heads back to the Bay with him, determined to support his friend.

Brax has had enough of the bickering at the overcrowded Braxton house and calls a family meeting to sort out everybody’s problems. He does some straight talking, ordering Tamara to testify for Kyle, not against him, telling Casey he’s not moving back into Natalie’s and making Kyle the new restaurant manager at Angelo’s. Above all, he wants them to stop bickering – or they’re out!

And Gina and John are at a loss as to how to deal with Jett after his outburst. He spends his time working with Harvey and Spencer and soon realises the importance of family, even if they’re not your own. Later, John and Gina meet with him to apologise for moving things too fast but Jett has changed his mind and is keen to go for adoption if the offer is still on the table.