Romeo learns the truth

Romeo is thinking about his mother’s drink problem and is upset with Mink because she’s been drinking too. However, Mink reveals she actually has Meniere’s Disease, which makes her dizzy and unsteady on her feet. She’ll never be able to competitively surf again. Romeo asks her to stick around and help him with the Surf School, and she agrees. But later, Indi catches Mink leaving town. She tries to stop her but Mink refuses and just leaves Romeo a note.

Alf is in full swing with his campaign against Harvey. He decides to gather the people of Summer Bay together and see what they want the Council to do for them. Meanwhile, Harvey is still hassling Roo about the campaign, when Sid comes to her defence. Roo and Sid share a moment, and organise a lunch date.

Sasha leaves hospital after the tattoo infection. At the surf competition she runs into Stu. He says he forgives her for lying to Sid about whose idea the tattoo was. Sasha finds an excuse to leave, but later, she’s at the bus stop when Stu offers her a lift. She declines. He gets angry and chases her. When she returns home later, she’s covered in bruises.