Romeo and Indi are taking things slowly and when Romeo asks Indi out on another date he asks Roo’s advice as to what to do. Roo suggests recreating their first romantic date together as she’d done with Harvey, and Romeo takes Indi for a picnic at the pier where they first kissed. They agree to discuss what went wrong between them and they also find out that they both want the same things in life. They just need to avoid rushing to get them.

John and Jett plan a boat tour of the bay but Alf and Harvey collar John to help find documents for the surf carnival, putting their trip on hold. Jett tells Liam that he blames himself for the trouble between John and Gina and Liam confronts John, telling him Jett’s concerns. John tries to reconnect with Jett, reassuring him he’ll try his best to win back Gina.

And Roo is fed up with trying to organise the wedding on her own while Harvey helps Alf with the carnival. Roo confronts them both and Harvey admits he’d asked Alf for a loan because of his money troubles and feels in debt to him. Roo feels betrayed that once more Harvey had kept something from her and suggests they call off the wedding yet again.