Romeo sees Penn in a clinch with a mystery girl. He asks Nicole if she’s still seeing him, but she’s vague. Romeo later tells Indi about the other girl – should he tell Nicole about her? Indi reckons if she was Nicole, she’d want to know. Romeo tells Nicole, who says she’s OK. Later, Romeo sees Penn come out of a van with another girl and confronts him. Penn tells Romeo he was just talking to a backpacker about the thefts at the park.

Leah tells Rachel that a nurse, Therese, threw coffee on Sid. Rachel is shocked and asks Sid about it. He won’t make a complaint and tells Rachel the nurse was an ex. Later, the nurses disobey Sid and tell Rachel they’re refusing to work with him. Rachel helps Sid with his patients, but Sid tells her he can’t continue like this. When a patient begins to haemorrhage, Sid barks at the nurses to help him.

Penn tells Alf he’s not going to give evidence in court against Colleen and he’ll convince the other theft victims to do the same. Alf is very grateful but worries it may be too late, the case is already in the system.

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