Harvey is delighted to win the election. He leaps into action, immediately getting the council to delay the Resort development. Romeo overhears John and Dennis discuss what they’re going to do about Harvey. Suspecting something dodgy, Romeo heads to the Resort site to confront them, and his suspicions are confirmed when he sees Dennis removing what looks like a dead body from the site.

Sasha is scared that Stu will reappear and the Walkers rally round her. However, Constable Watson reveals his bank account and mobile phone haven’t been touched for seven days. Has he gone for good? The Walkers see this as good news, but it can’t lift Sasha’s low spirits.

Alf tries yet again to convince Irene to come out fishing with him but she continues to shut herself off from the world. Finally, Alf and Roo manage to get a reluctant Irene out of the house, but when Roo hits her head, Irene panics and demands to go home.