Even though he realises the severity of his condition, Romeo still can’t bring himself to tell Indi. He suggests selling the gym, though Indi’s dead against it believing they can make a go of it. Then he tells her he’s taking Heath on permanently, which confuses Indi even more. Later, Romeo tells Sid he’d always promised to be there for her and now he knows he won’t be. Sid sympathises but can do little to help his tortured son-in-law.

When Sasha hears that Tamara is giving in and returning to school, she’s disappointed, feeling her efforts with the petition are in vain. Gina raises her spirits, though, telling her she’s so impressed with how she’s gone about her protest she’ll help fight her case through official channels. Sasha is thrilled but has no one to share her excitement with; she misses Rosie who seems to have a whole new group of friends.

Kyle starts to mend his relationship with Tamara, offering to become her study partner and sharing his experiences of growing up with a bad parent. Heath, however, witnesses their bonding and offers Kyle some advice – stay away from Tamara or Casey will kill him…

Seeing Jett with a new-found confidence, Gina and John are reminded how rewarding parenting can be. They decide they’d like to adopt him officially but when they suggest this to Jett he runs off, claiming he’s not good enough to be their son.