Romeo tells Ruby how it is

Ruby is devastated when Romeo says he’s staying with Indi. Ruby can’t bear to keep her feelings a secret and reveals to Charlie what happened between her and Romeo. Just as Charlie starts to dispense her advice, Romeo comes over to talk to Ruby. He tells her bluntly that nothing will ever happen between them. A crushed Ruby threatens to tell Indi.

VJ is at the beach when he sees Elijah and his new stepson, Thabo. First he’s overcome with jealousy, but after talking to Miles, VJ thinks he should maybe get to know Thabo. The two boys start chatting and realise they share a love of football. They enjoy a kick-about until Elijah sees them and angrily tells them to stop. Thabo’s not well enough for football.

Romeo is feeling guilty about everything that’s happened between him, Indi and Ruby. He wonders how he can fix things. The task is then made all the tougher by the fact that Indi is planning a romantic retreat to make up for the night together that was missed. After asking Liam for advice, Romeo decides not to tell Indi the truth. Ruby sees Indi and Romeo together. She just makes it home before she collapses.

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